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© 2018 Melissa J Muller Designs

Empowering Women &
Families with Ayurveda and Yoga

Welcome, Busy Moms

You work hard to take care of your family. Who's taking care of you?

How can we give to our family (and our career or business) if our well is dry? Allow Ayurveda's gentle and practical approach to wellness and mindfulness to fill your well. 


As the world's original all-natural mind-body medicine, Ayurveda has provided vast wisdom of healing foods and herbs, natural detoxification, and lifestyle practices for thousands of years. It understands that you are unique and have your own way forward. You might be asking ...where do I begin? Allow me to be your compassionate guide.

Here's a sample of what I work on with my clients and their families:

  • Eat more whole foods without going broke

  • Discover the ideal diet for you and your family

  • Support your gut + digestive health with whole foods and herbs

  • Fit in daily routines to combat stress and burn out

  • Find the right detoxification program for you

  • Support hormones and support reproductive health

  • Discover the lifestyle that best supports you and your family

  • Get the best rest

I know from personal experience and working with Other Busy Moms for years that it is possible to heal ourselves and our families using natural means. 


What would YOU like to work on?

YOUR Well Being awaits!