Empowering Women &
Families with Ayurveda and Yoga

Welcome, Busy Moms!

You work hard to take care of your family. Who's taking care of you? You give, give, and give some more. How can we continue to do this for our family (and our career or business) if our own well is dry?


Maybe you've noticed changes in your health since having kids, especially in digestion. Those "little" things are starting to add up. I've been there. Don't put yourself on the back burner for one more second!

Allow Ayurveda's gentle and practical approach to wellness and mindfulness to soothe your body, calm your mind, and refill your well.


As the world's original all natural mind-body medicine, Ayurveda has provided a vast wisdom of whole foods and herbs, natural detoxification, and lifestyle practices for thousands of years.


Ayurveda understands that you are unique and have your own way forward. You might be asking ...where do I begin? Allow me to be your compassionate guide. As a busy professional of two young boys, I speak your language!

Here are some reasons why we might work together ... 

  • Certain foods bother you that didn't before kids. 

  • You're experiencing new kinds of digestive upset.

  • Your elimination has changed even though your diet hasn't.

  • Your digestion feels sluggish and heavy.

  • You've gained weight since having kids and it won't go away despite dieting and exercise.

  • You've tried many different diets and supplements and you're not sure they're helping.

  • Your not sure what to eat anymore!

  • The stress is getting to you and you're losing sleep. 

I know from personal experience and years of working with Other Busy Moms that the mind-body approach of Ayurveda can help soothe your gut, calm your mind, and feed your spirit so you can feel your best. 


Ready to find out how Ayurveda can help?

YOUR Well Being awaits!



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