Ayurveda Consultation & Coaching

ALL Consultation & Coaching sessions are available virtually or by phone.

Use the links to book an appointment and pay online. 

Free Discovery Call

Not sure where to begin? Start with a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Call to find out if Ayurveda is right for you and if so, where to start. 


Jump Start Session ($108)

For anyone interested in learning more about how the holistic wisdom of Ayurveda can help you feel your best. Join me for a 60-minute phone call to talk about your wellness goals and where you would like be in 3 or 6 months. You'll fill out a questionnaire to discover your Ayurvedic constitution (body-type), current balance of energy (Vata/Pitta/Kapha), and receive an email with your results, links to resources, and a few suggestions for diet and lifestyle to get you started on your way. 

Ayurvedic Consultation ($247)

Ayurvedic consultation is for new or existing clients who are are ready to commit to their own personal wellness plan for long-lasting results. It includes a 120-minute intake session (by phone or video chat), a detailed report that points to your Ayurvedic body-type, current energy balance/imbalance, and a 6-8 week personal wellness plan with Ayurvedic nutrition, mindful lifestyle, herbal product suggestions, unique herbal formulas, and more. Included is a 30-minute strategy session by phone to discuss your report and how your personal wellness plan will unfold, step by step. Also get my Intro to Ayurveda e-book with links to resources for your continued learning. 

Ayurvedic Coaching Meetings ($75) 

Coaching sessions are for existing clients who have already had an Ayurvedic consultation. They help you stay on track and move towards your wellness goals with new suggestions, herbal and seasonal adjustments if need be, and to prepare for an Ayurvedic cleanse.

(3) Coaching Meetings ($195

Ayurvedic Home Detox ($148)

Time to restore, rejuvenate, and renew? For both new or existing clients who would like to try a short personalized Ayurvedic detoxification program. Learn how to use gut-supporting whole foods, healthy fats, gentle cleansing Ayurvedic herbs, and a nourishing home routine to detox body, mind, and spirit that you can repeat time and time again. You'll start with a 90-minute consult by phone or video chat to help you prepare for your own personal DIY home cleanse tailored to your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakruti) and balance/imbalance of energy (Vikruti). You'll get instructions, recipes, and timely reminders and support via email.

Ayurvedic Consultation Packages

Would you like to try  a long-term personal program that's unique to you and your health and wellness goals? I've developed a system around Ayurvedic consultation and lifestyle coaching that sets up you up for success. 

I've learned from years of experience working with clients that guidance needs to be given slowly over a longer period of time to avoid overwhelm and ensure long-term success. This carefully measured process is paired with one-on-one coaching support to make sure that recommendations work for you and your lifestyle. Regular contact keeps you motivated and on track with your goals.


Here's what's included ...

  • A 120 minute intake session (by phone or video chat) to get to know you and gather all the necessary information I need  to design your unique wellness program. 

  • A detailed report of findings that includes your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakruti), current state of energy balance/imbalance (Vikruti), and a personal wellness plan with Ayurvedic nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions.

  • Within a week or so, we'll meet for a 60 minute strategy session to discuss your report and a step-by-step process of achieving your personal wellness plan. 

  • Monthly 60-minute phone or web coaching sessions will help you stay on track and moving forward, making seasonal adjustments to diet and herbs if needed.

  • Herbal recommendations including personal formulas that I design just for you.

  • Free access to my monthly newsletters, downloads, and webinars. 

3 Month Consultation & Coaching Package @ $108/month

6 Month Consultation & Coaching Package @ $98/month includes a personalized Ayurvedic detoxification program you can do at home. 


Consultation and coaching is currently only available by phone or video chat. In-person consults take place at A Space for Change at 3073 S. Chase Avenue (Building 28, #630).  

I have been blessed to work with Heather as my Ayurvedic practitioner for over ten years.  Of all the healthcare providers I've worked with, Heather's approach to wellness has been the most powerful and successful because her guidance and suggestions address the root causes of my imbalances, instead of simply covering up symptoms. 


Heather's gentle, nonjudgmental approach is what keeps me coming back to her.  When we first started working together I felt like such a mess, but Heather met me where I was and helped me to practically and gradually integrate Ayurveda into my busy, Western life as a Mom and business owner. 


Over time, Heather has become a spiritual mentor, guide and friend.  I feel so lucky to have her continuous wisdom and support as I navigate the ups and downs of life.

- Erin

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