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Contact me below to schedule. PayPal buttons include fees.

NEW: Ayurvedic Cooking Classes ($35 per person)

A perfect intro to Ayurveda's healing cuisine and cookery in 60 minutes. See how an Ayurvedic kitchen works, get to know seasonal ingredients and learn how to prepare simple every day recipes. Sample everything we make. Bring a friend or loved one and let's get cooking! Groups of 2 - 4. 


Ayurvedic Initial Consultation ($150)

A one-time consultation is the first step for new clients to work towards their wellness goals. It includes a 90-minute intake meeting (in person or by phone), a detailed report of findings that points to your primary dosha (Ayurvedic body-type); also Ayurvedic nutrition and herbal recommendations. Get started with a free discovery call for us to get to know each other, discuss your goals, and to schedule the intake meeting. Herbs and recommended herbal products are not included. 



Follow-Up Coaching Meetings ($65) 

Follow up meetings are 60-minutes long for existing clients who have already had an initial consultation. They help you stay on track, keep moving forward with new recommendations, make herbal adjustments, and prepare for an Ayurvedic cleanse.

(3) Follow-Up Coaching Meetings ($165


Ayurvedic Cleanse Consultation ($125)

For both new or existing clients who would like to try an Ayurvedic cleanse. This 90-minute consult helps you prepare for your own personalized DIY 3-day cleanse. I supply the instructions and recipes. Get started with a free discovery call to find out if this cleanse is right for you and if so, when. 


Ayurveda Info Session ($45)

A 60-minute conversation by phone to answer any of your questions including: Is Ayurveda right for me? Are Ayurvedic herbs right for me; if so, which ones? Am I ready for an Ayurvedic detox? What's my Ayurvedic constitution (dosha)? Includes mentoring for interns and students of Ayurveda. 

Ayurvedic Consultation Packages

Do you want to learn how to use Ayurveda's approach to Food as Medicine? Would you like to try  a personal whole foods program that's unique to you and your health and wellness goals? If so, let's talk! I've developed a system around Ayurvedic consultation and lifestyle coaching that sets up you up for success. We can incorporate healthy routines and mindfulness techniques like simple living and meditation, too.

I've learned from years of experience working with clients that guidance needs to be given slowly over a longer period of time to avoid overwhelm and ensure long-term success. This carefully measured process is paired with one-on-one coaching support to make sure that recommendations work for you and your lifestyle. Regular contact keeps you motivated and on track with your goals.


Here's how it works ... 

1. A free 30-minute discovery phone session helps me to get to know you and understand your health and wellness goals.  

2. Should we decide the Ayurvedic approach is right for you, you will receive:

  • A 90 minute intake meeting (in person or by phone) to get to know you and gather all the necessary information I need  to design your unique wellness program. 

  • A detailed report that includes your Ayurvedic constitution (Prakruti) and existing imbalances (Vikruti).

  • A personal step-by-step plan to reach your health and wellness goals the Ayurvedic way

  • Weekly emails with specific recommendations, resources, and/or recipes

  • Monthly 45-minute phone or web meetings to check in and troubleshoot challenges

  • Herbal recommendations including personal formulas that I design just for you

  • Free access to my monthly newsletter and webinars

Consultation Package for 3 months ... $395

Consultation Package for 6 months ... $695

Payment Plan Deposit ... $200

Consultation is available in person or by phone. In-person consults take place at A Space for Change at 3073 S. Chase Avenue (Building 28, #630).  


The first phone call is always free. Let's begin!

I have been blessed to work with Heather as my Ayurvedic practitioner for over ten years.  Of all the healthcare providers I've worked with, Heather's approach to wellness has been the most powerful and successful because her guidance and suggestions address the root causes of my imbalances, instead of simply covering up symptoms. 


Heather's gentle, nonjudgmental approach is what keeps me coming back to her.  When we first started working together I felt like such a mess, but Heather met me where I was and helped me to practically and gradually integrate Ayurveda into my busy, Western life as a Mom and business owner. 


Over time, Heather has become a spiritual mentor, guide and friend.  I feel so lucky to have her continuous wisdom and support as I navigate the ups and downs of life.

- Erin

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