Love Note to Self

Usually, the focus is on our beloved around this time of year. I had a thought.

What if ... I treated myself as my beloved? What if ... I showered myself with love?

Whether that sounds selfish or wonderful, keep reading.

I thought of a few ways I might send a love note to the most important person in my life: Me.

Sharing those below:

  1. Buy myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers and display them where I can enjoy them everyday.

  2. Write myself a love note. Tell me in my own words that I ROCK and the many reasons why.

  3. Get a massage. I have a gift card and I'm going to finally use it (thanks Mom!) Check out my February special for Ayurvedic facial or other acupressure treatments.

  4. Home Spa Day. Send everyone away and start with a long, luxurious bath.

  5. Meet a friend to linger at a favorite destination.

  6. Take a walk by myself.

I'm going to try to do all of these, but especially 1 -3. The rest are extra X’s and O’s.

Notice that I didn't mention anything about FOOD. That's because I want us, me included, learn how to appreciate ourselves without using food.

Can you count the many ways?



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