Me. First.

How can we keep a strong container for ourselves AND our sanity and raise a family? Ayurveda's answer is self-care, which is grounding and strengthening to the body-mind-heart, and as regularly as possible (however regular shows up). Because we need to be strong, our bowl needs to full in order for us to give.

For me, it's going to bed early that helps me get decent sleep and also rise early so I can have time for myself in the quiet hours of the morning. This is when I do most of my Ayurvedic self-care practices - whatever it is I need to do to care for myself FIRST before my little ones need something from me. It usually revolves around abhyanga (self-massage - super grounding) to strengthen and soothe my body. While the oil is soaking in I might also do a short meditation and a few rounds of breath work to calm my mind and prepare for the mental stress of the day. I may or may not shower at that point and get dressed. If not, I just put my pajamas back on to get dressed later. I might go to my yoga mat for a short practice if there's time.

It's an evolving practice and never perfect. It's also not easy but as it becomes more and more regular it does gets easier as my body and mind asks for it. Whatever happens, its something I can return to time and time again when I'm feeling out of sorts, exhausted, and stressed out. It feels like coming home, just putting myself to bed early and letting the next morning evolve as it needs to as long as the focus is on me first.

What are your favorite self-care loves that you keep returning to? Or how are you challenged? Join my Facebook group Ayurveda Mama to share in the discussion. I will post more links and resources on my Facebook page soon @Her Well Being Ayurveda & Yoga.

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